Terms and Conditions valid from August 2017: The following terms and conditions apply to all course arrangements of Yasoma GmbH.
1. Conclusion of the contract
1.1 With the confirmation of your booking for a course arrangement by email, a contract is concluded between you and Yasoma GmbH if your booking concerns Yasoma GmbH service. In other cases, Yasoma GmbH acts only as a mediator of third party services. The respective contract conditions of the third party applies.
1.2 We further point out that our services usually only apply from the arrival at the course location or the place agreed together. Please note the corresponding information in the course description. The organization of the journey to the place and the timely arrival is your own responsibility.
2. Terms of payment: Payment by deposit: When booking an arrangement, a deposit of 30% of the package price must be paid at the same time. The balance is due 30 days before the start of the course at the latest. For bookings of less than 30 days before the start of the course, the entire invoice amount must be paid at the same time, when booking for the course. Non-timely payments entitle us to refuse the service and to charge you for any expenses.
3. Cancellations and changes
3.1 Cancellation or change must be made via e mail or letter to Yasoma GmbH.
3.2 If you cancel after booking the course arrangement, we must always charge the following costs as a percentage of the course price: 30% of the price from 30 to 15 days before the beginning of the course departure, 50% of the price from 14 days until 1 day before the beginning of the course, 80% of the price on the day of the first day of the course.
4. Liability
4.1 In general: Yasoma GmbH indemnifies you for the failure or incorrect provision of agreed services or additional costs incurred for you (subject to chapter 5 and 6), unless it was possible to offer you an equivalent replacement service on site and the failure was not of your own responsibility. Our liability is however limited to the amount of the course price and only covers the direct damage. We cannot be hold on any liability if program changes have to be made as a result of force majeure (riots, bad weather, natural disasters etc.), official orders or delays of third parties for which we are not responsible.
4.2 Accidents and illnesses, pregnancy: Yasoma GmbH assumes no liability for direct damage in the event of death, personal injury or illness during the course arrangement with Yasoma GmbH
4.3 Property damage: Yasoma GmbH assumes no liability for thefts and losses that occur during the course arrangement.
5. You are not satisfied with your course arrangement
5.1 If you have cause for complaint during the course arrangement, you must immediately notify the service provider and Yasoma GmbH. This is a necessary condition for the subsequent assertion of your claims for compensation and also makes it possible to remedy the situation in most cases. If your intervention does not lead to an appropriate solution, you are required to request written confirmation from the service provider in question to record your complaint and its content. The service providers, etc. are not entitled to accept any claims for damages.
6. Program changes, non-execution or termination of the course by Yasoma GmbH
6.1 Yasoma GmbH also reserves the right, in its interest, to change programs or individual agreed services (such as accommodation) if unforeseen circumstances so require. In rare cases, Yasoma GmbH is also forced to cancel your course arrangement for reasons beyond our control, be it for your own safety or other compelling circumstances, such as those described above. Force majeure (including delayed hotel openings, armed conflicts, riots, strikes, etc.). However, Yasoma GmbH endeavors to inform you as soon as possible in such cases and to offer you a replacement solution.
6.2 If Yasoma GmbH has to change a course arrangement that has already been paid by you, so that an objective lower value for the originally agreed service arises, you will receive a refund from Yasoma GmbH. If, however, additional costs arise after conclusion of the course contract for a reason mentioned in section 6.1, you may experience a price increase. If this is more than 10% of the originally agreed course price, you have the right to withdraw from the contract for free within 5 days of receiving our notice.
6.3 In case of problems with your booking, contact the service provider on site. Corresponding price adjustments according to section 6.2 are reserved.
7. Premature termination or changes during the course arrangement by you. If for any reason you need to stop the course prematurely or want to change services, contact the local service provider. In such case we are not obligated to any refund.
8. Passport, visa, vaccinations
8.1 Yasoma GmbH cannot accept liability for an entry refusal due to unfulfilled conditions. You are solely responsible for complying with the required passport, visa, customs, foreign exchange and health regulations.
9. Flights: For any flights to reach the course location they are solely responsible. You have to organize and pay for yourself. Yasoma GmbH cannot accept liability for flights.
10. Privacy
10.1 Collection of information: For Yasoma GmbH the protection of privacy and personal data is of great importance. Yasoma GmbH adheres to the provisions of Swiss data protection legislation in the procurement and use of personal data.
10.2 Disclosure to third parties: Your data may be passed on to third parties in compliance with the data protection regulations, which may be provided as part of a contractual relationship with Yasoma GmbH, whereby data can also be transferred abroad.
10.3 Use of the data: The collected data will be treated in good faith and used for the transaction.
11. Copyright: Yasoma GmbH, Hausacherstrasse 21, 8122 Binz
12. Applicable law and jurisdiction
The contractual relationship between you and YASOMA GmbH is governed exclusively by Swiss law. Complaints against Yasoma GmbH are to be made in Zurich.
14. Transfer: Yasoma GmbH is not responsible for the journey / transfer to the location, hotel or agreed place according to the program and therefore does not assume any liability.
Yasoma GmbH, Zurich, August 2017.