A resume on the artistic academic tradition

The  goal is to give our participants a good synthesys of the  knowledge and tools in drawing techniques in order to interpret and represent the human figure in an accurate and realistic way.

This seminar is organised in four individual workshops. Each workshop will be a block of three half days. Each day we will have a theory session and then we will draw from a live model. The model will pose for three hours in a single pose. Workshops will take place on Fridays, Satudarys and Sundays according to schedule. On each block we will study the concepts and procedures for figure drawing developed on the artistic academic tradition. We will start with the most general procedures that will become then more complex as we move on the next levels.

The seminar introduces the "Sight Size" step-by-step drawing method. It is taught at the leading Art Academies in Europe and the United States. It allows to come to a solid conclusion when it comes to proportions, gesture and body type of the model.  The basic idea of he method is to situate artists, easels and the model in a position where the drawings appear in the same visual size as the model. Individual shapes and proportions can thus be measured and transferred to the same scale on the sheet. Along with it we also take inconsideration other concepts that come from artistic anatomy and constructive drawing.

Limited places (maximum 12 participants per workshop, with priority for for those ones applying to full seminar)

Proportions and contour line
Pencil on white paper

Light and shadow
Pencil on toned paper

Values and 3D rendering
Pencil/charcoal and white chalk on toned paper

Full value final drawing
Charcoal and white chalk on toned paper

*See individual programs for each workshop.