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In this workshop, we will use a step-by-step method to draw the human figure as realistically as possible. In the drawing sessions, the live models will pose for three hours in a single pose. An analytical approach will give us the opportunity to understand the general structure of the body, the individual proportions, the gesture of the pose and the model's body type. We will study the light and shadow shapes created by the controlled illumination of the model. The study of the details trains our eye. Through a process of synthesis, we learn which of the information we´re seeing is most relevant in order to depict the visual impression.

The course introduces the "Sight Size" step-by-step drawing method. It is taught at the leading Art Academies in Europe and the United States and also allows beginners to come to a solid conclusion.  The basic idea of he method is to situate artists, easels and the model in a position where the drawings appear in the same visual size as the model. Individual shapes and proportions can thus be measured and transferred to the same scale on the sheet. 

Target group: beginners and advanced
Time: Saturday & Sunday: 13 - 16:30 o’clock
Location: Zurich

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