Academic aproach to figure painting from live models.

This Seminar is organized in five individual workshops. Each workshop will be a block of three half days.  We will paint from live models during three hours on each session. There will be an everyday  introduction and a review . Workshops will take place on Fridays, Saturdays an Sundays, according to schedule. On each block we will study  the concepts and procedures for figure painting  inspired on the programs developed in European Art Academies throughout the XVIII and XIX centuries. This methodology is nowadays being taught at the leading Figurative Art Academies in Europe and the United States. We will start with the most general procedures that will become then more complex as we move on the next levels. We will learn  how to mix colours  and organize our palette and all the technical tips . The whole seminar is aimed for all kinds of public, that are willing to learn in short term the essential techniques of the academic painting tradition. Attendance to drawing seminar up to Level 2 is required to participate in this painting seminar.

The  goal is to give our participants a good synthesis of the  knowledge  in oil painting in order to interpret and represent the human figure  in accurate and realistic way.

Limited places (maximum 12 participants per workshop, with priority for for those ones applying to full seminar)
Level 1 materials included is 'paint, canvases, medium', not included is 'brushes , palettes, recipients and cleaning material
Level 2, Level 3 Level 4 the material is not included, we encourage participants to have their own materials for further personal projects


Painting with colours thinking in values
Limitted palette

Painting with colours thinking in temperatures
Full palette

Painting with colours thinking hue
Personal palette

*See individual programs for each workshop